The Prime Minister of RWA Seda Melikyan presented an opening speech summing up the series of the 10-day seminars organized in cooperation with the representatives of the government and parliament. He thanked the participants of the seminar for willing to develop new programs. Melikyan mentioned that the economic, political and strategic programs that were discussed in those days will clearly have their role and significance in the upcoming programs of RWA. She touched upon the role and significance of the Armenian Legion as a foundation of the Armenian army. Then the Minister of Defense and Armed Forces of RWA Hamik Sayadyan presented the history of the origin of the “Armenian Legion” and spoke about the strategy, emphasizing that now the primary goal for the RWA is to establish new connections and relations with armed forces of other countries.

Afterwards, Hamik Sayadyan performed an awarding ceremony by order 17 of the President of the RWA, commemorating the boys who died in the Artsakh battles, as well as the servicemen currently serving at the border.

Karen Grigoryan, Varazdat Varazdatyan, David Patrosyan and others were awarded with the “Armenian Legion” blazon.

RWA Deputy Minister of Defense Suren Shahumyan was also awarded for his dedicated service to motherland.

Concluding the event, RWA President Armenak Abrahamyan thanked the representatives of the Government and National Assembly, assuring that the ten-day seminar will have its vital impact on new programs. On the eve of the 102nd anniversary of the establishment of the Armenian Legion, he mentioned that it was created for three important purposes: to fight against the Ottoman Empire, to liberate Cilicia, to become the core of the future Armenian ethnographic army.