The Armenian Legion was formed in 1916 as part of the French army, based on the agreement signed between the representatives of the Entente countries Marc Sikes, Georges Picot and the head of the Armenian national delegation Poghos Nubar in London.

An agreement on the establishment of the Armenian Legion, and then the creation of the Legion ended Poghos Nubar Pasha’s negotiations with the French political and military authorities. The purpose of creating the Armenian Legion is allowing Armenians to participate in the liberation of Cilicia, which is part of the Ottoman Empire, to help Armenians realize their aspirations in establishing a national state in the territory. The Armenian legion had to fight only against the Turks, only in Cilicia. It was to become the core of the future Armenian army.

RWA President Armenak Abrahamyan, referring to the day of creation of the Armenian Legion, noted that the Armenian Legion was a strong and precise impact to the Turks. The Legion to be the core of the armed forces of the future Western Armenia.

The creation of the Legion allowed the Armenians to get out of the role of a desperate and doomed self-defenders, instead being able to separate a large area of their homeland from the genocidal state by force of arms, and then ensure the retreat of the people of the region.

The Armenian Legion became a unique bridge for the millennial fighting spirit, which sprouted decades later in the armed struggle of ASALA and volunteers of the First Artsakh War.