The head of the Tigranakert excavation group, head of the YSU Chair of Culture, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Hamlet Petrosyan responded to Baku’s next slander, noting that the archeological finds of Tigranakert are the property of Artsakh people.

In case of peace, they will be returned to Stepanakert and will be displayed in the museum to be created for them.

According to Hamlet Petrosyan, the Tigranakert archeological excavation was carried out with the official invitation and permission of the Artsakh authorities, they were financed from the Artsakh state budget. The fact that Artsakh is not politically recognized does not deprive its indigenous people from their right of culture.

The Azerbaijani ideology of depriving Artsakh people from their cultural heritage is a continuation of genocide of the Armenian cultural heritage. The genocide that we have witnessed for decades, the genocide that has gained momentum during Azerbaijan’s recent Turkish aggression, continues every day.