Zapel Yesayan was born on February 4, 1878, in the district called “Silichtar Park” in Constantinople. She first studied at a private school, then graduated from Scyutar’s Surb Khach College. She studied with Arshak Chopanyan for a year.

Mrs. Zapel Yesayan is one of the famous figures of modern Armenian literature in Istanbul. Her stories have been published in almost all Turkish-Armenian newspapers for twenty years. Arshak Chopanyan’s “Flower” magazine first published a prose poem by Mrs. Yesayan when she was 17 years old. Then Zapel Yesayan lived in Paris as a student of literature until 1902, then returned to K. Constantinople, dedicated her life to beautiful literature.

At the end of the Adana horrors, Zapel Yesayan went to Cilicia to see and form an idea of ​​the endless misery suffered by the local Armenian people. The result of that lady’s journey was her work entitled “In the Ruins.”

The working invitation received from Yerevan University in 1933 would be fatal for Zapel Yesayan. Times were catastrophic: Stalinist violence, persecution, imprisonment and executions. The writer’s speech at the Writers’ Union was followed by an arrest in 1936.

There is no definite data on the circumstances and date of the most fertile female writer of Western Armenia. The date of death, according to some information, is 1943.