One of the legends of the Artsakh liberation war, Davit Sarapyan (Dev) would have turned 55 today.

Davit Sarapyan was born on February 4, 1966 in Yerevan, in the family of an architect. His father, Eduard Sarapyan, was the chief architect of Yerevan, and his mother, Emma Sarapyan, was a prominent scientist.

He left for the Soviet army in May, 1984.

In October 1985, he was sentenced to four years in prison for inter-ethnic conflict. He did not return to the institute after being released from prison. He was involved in cinema, worked with Gennady Melkumyan as an assistant director.

In 1990 he left for the front and joined the ranks “Independence Army” of Commander Leonid Azgaldyan , later in the “Great Tigran” militia regiment he took part in the self-defense battles of Buzlukh, Manashid, Gharachinar, Sarisu, Erkej villages of Shahumyan region.

The Armenian warrior force was spreading terror on the enemy; it is not a coincidence that the Azeris called him “Ahegh Dev”.

He took part in the liberation of the village of Togh in the Hadrut region on October 30, 1991, under the command of General Arkady Ter-Tadosyan (Commandos).

Returning home, David tells his mother: “Your native village is liberated. “Now I have to liberate my father’s hometown, Erzrum.” It was the last meeting of the mother and son….

Dev was killed on December 10, 1991 in a battle for the village of Todan in the Shahumyan region. He is buried in the Yerablur pantheon in Yerevan.

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia, David Sarapyan was awarded the Order of Courage in 1996.