Western Armenia (Presidency, Government, Parliament)

Declaration contained in all ratification documents involved on or after May 9, 2016 (National Constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia).

The Republic of Western Armenia declares that it is ready to ratify all the Conventions, all the Essential Additional Protocols, meanwhile mentions that is not responsible for the Application of the provisions of the Protocols in the territories occupied by the Republic of Turkey, until the liberation of its occupied territories, the complete elimination of its consequences.

On December 29, 1917, the Republic of Western Armenia was recognized by the decree of Russia, then in fact on January 19, 1920 (beginning of annuities, March 1, 1920) and was de jure recognized by the Supreme Council of Allied Adjacent Powers on May 11, 1920.

It was recognized by Turkey on August 10, 1920, with the official border, which was decided by the arbitral decision of President Woodrow Wilson on November 22, 1920.

The Republic of Western Armenia will not cooperate with the Republic of Turkey in the framework of relevant Conventions and Protocols until the end of the occupation and the complete elimination of its consequences, as well as the settlement of the genocide committed on its territory since December 18, 1917.