In her film, Nelli Gharibyan presents the chronicle of the life of Armenians who migrated to Eastern Armenia from different provinces of Western Armenia.

The film presents the population of 7 complete and 1 independent state, Marash region of Western Armenia, the size of the area, the cultural and economic life. It is mentioned how many Armenians lived before the genocide and how many remained after the genocide and deportation in different states.

Referring to Diyarbakir, the historian mentions that it suffered the biggest blow during the genocide, being in the central part. Very few were able to escape the genocide by leaving for other parts of Yerevan and Eastern Armenia.

In 1878-1880, when Kharberd was established as a separate province, it was annexed to non-Armenian provinces, mostly inhabited by Kurds. This was a special policy so that Armenians would not have a majority in every province of Western Armenia.

The historian represents Sebastia, which stood out with the largest Armenian population.

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