Today 80 people or 25 families live in Aghavno village, Kashatagh, Artsakh. 38 families left the village during the war. They haven’t returned yet. The mayor of Aghavno village Andranik Chavushyan expressed concern over the newly renovated school in the village, which was left without a teacher and the resettlement of 3 settlements of Kashatagh.

“There must be an official statement from the state. If we say Sus, Aghavno, Berdzor remain, we should not only say, but we should make people come back,” he says.

After the war, almost the entire territory of the Kashatagh region of Artsakh came under the control of Azerbaijan, except for 3 settlements: the regional center of Berdzor, the adjacent villages of Nerqin Sus and Aghavno, but their status is still unclear.

Residents of 3 communities with unknown status in Kashatagh are now waiting for a decision. At this moment, the only hope is the support provided by the country. What to do tomorrow is unknown.