Sose Mayrik (real name: Sose Vardanyan, born in 1865, Bitlis, Western Armenia – died February 9, 1953, Alexandria, Egypt), a member of the Armenian national liberation movement. Axbyur Serob’s wife and comrade-in-arms.

She took part in the Hayduk battles. After the battle of Babshen in 1898, she took refuge with Serob in Sasun. In 1899, in the village of Gelieguzan, he resisted the poisoned Serob, along with Serob brothers , the Hakob son (Mkhe and Zakar, who died in that battle), and showed resistance to the enemy, showing great courage.

She was taken prisoner to Bitlis, and soon released.

After the Sasun uprising in 1904, she moved to Van, and then to the Caucasus. Sose Mayrik’s other son, Samson, was killed in Karin during the massacres.

After the sovietization of Armenia, Sose Mayrik moved to Constantinople and then to Alexandria.

On February 9, 1953, a brave Armenian woman at the root of the Armenian liberation struggle died in Alexandria. Her last words were: “Serob is calling me, dear Hayk, I am leaving.”

In 1998, 45 years after her death, Sose Mayrik’s body was moved to Armenia.

She was re-buried in the Yerablur Pantheon.