A senior researcher of Matenadaran Tamara Minasyan’s study “Writing Centers of Utik (North Artsakh)” has been published.

Based on manuscript, lithographic and bibliographic sources, the writing centers of Utik province, one of the oldest cradles of Armenian written culture, are presented with the publication of numerous memoirs, covering many issues related to the history of the province.

The book presents the history of the provinces of the state, the problems of cultural and manuscript heritage according to the “Occupation” of the territories, which had new borders due to administrative-political changes in the following centuries. The study in some sense is a continuation of the book ” Writing Centers of Artsakh” published by the author in 2015.

Dr. Karen Matosyan is the editor of the book.

A map of Utik writing centers is also attached to the work (author: Gegham Badalyan, cartographer: Martin Martirosyan).

You can find the digital version of the book at the following link