The state television company of Western Armenia does not deal with private advertising, it may cause the question why the Turkish section is part of Western Armenia TV?

As you know, from Hamshen to Sasun or from Bayazet to Yerznka, Western Armenia today includes millions of Armenian descendants of genocide survivors who use Turkish in their daily lives, some calling them remains of Turks.

These indigenous Armenians Islamized, Turkified or Kurdishized live in our lands even a century after the genocide, they want to approach other Armenians, to understand them, to find their roots, to survive their identity.

Beyond the dogma of religion, this awakening of identity is very real. Western Armenia TV wants to accompany Armenians on this way leading to being Armenian.

Supporting the state television company of Western Armenia means allowing millions of Armenians to unite and share this deep-rooted sense of belonging.



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