Iran will maintain its presence in Syria as long as the Syrian government and people want it. As reported by RIA Novosti, senior adviser to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Asghar Haji stated.

“We are in Syria with the request of the Syrian government, we are providing military advice, we will continue to do so as long as the Syrian people and government want it. “Let those who entered Syria illegally and occupied its lands come out,” he said.

He also welcomed US statements about the possible cessation of security along the Euphrates oil fields, but doesn’t trust them.

He stressed that the oil in the east of the Euphrates “belongs to the Syrian people.”

It should be reminded that only some units of the Russian Armed Forces and the Iranian Armed Forces are legally located in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Turkish Armed Forces are in Syria illegally and in clear violation of international law. They have in fact seized the northern regions of Syria, some US units located in Kurdish areas, ensuring the security of oil production.