Today is the birthday of the famous Armenian poet Ruben Sevak. He was born in 1885 in the city of Silivri. He visited K. The Berberian School of Constantinople from 1901 to 1905 . He was engaged in literary activities during his school years. 

He studied at one of the largest medical centers in Europe, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of LausanneFrom 1905 to 1911. In 1914 he returned to Constantinople with his wife and son Levon (1912-2005). 

Ruben Sevak felt and noticed the prospect of the tragedy threatening the Western Armenians earlier than many famous contemporaries. Sevak called for carefulness with his works, emphasizing the importance of national unity.

In the spring of 1909, when 30.000 Armenians were killed in a bloodbath organized by the Young Turk authorities in the city of Adana, Ruben Sevak told about he danger to the figures “drunk” by the Young Turk revolution like Arshak Chobanyan, Andranik Ozanyan, and Paramats.

Ruben Sevak, who fell victim to the Turkish massacre in 1915, not only defended his ideas with words and pen, but also proved his unwavering devotion to the people with the price of his life.

On April 11 (24), 1915 , while serving in the military, was arrested and imprisoned in the central prison of Constantinople, then was exiled to Changer. On August 12 (25), 1915 , he telegraphed to his wife that he was in Ayash prison with Daniel Varuzhan. On August 13 (25/26), 1915 , was killed along with four of his friends by Turkish Chets and tortured to death with stones and mortars on the way to Ayash exile, between Changer and Kalejik, in a place called Changer from Tunei. The doctor was the last to be killed according to the testimony of coach Hasan at the Gonio war court.