According to the information received, the hill containing rooms and corridors belonging to the Early Bronze Age, discovered as a result of excavations in the city of Bayburt, located in the eastern part of the Black Sea and ​​Western Armenia 3 years ago, will become a tourist attraction. The mound is located in the village of Chighdemtepe, 14 kilometers from the city center.

Numerous historical specimens have been found in the area, which was discovered in 2017 as a first-class archeological site.

 a 30-meter tunnel begins at the entrance of the hill, which sheds light on history. Rooms and corridors were found during the 2018 excavations on the hill reminiscent of Portasar in Urfa. Arched architectural remains were discovered during the excavations- a rock tunnel. Spearheads made of obsidian, pottery items, centers of nomadic culture were found In the hill. 

The historical area is to be turned into a tourist place this year.