More than 110 aftershocks were recorded so far after the February 13 magnitude 4,7 earthquake in Yerevan, the Armenian seismic protection service said.

“Right now there is an aftershock seismic activity, but it is gradually decreasing,” the Ministry of Emergency Situations Seismic Protection Service director Sos Margaryan told a news conference. “There’ve been magnitude 0,1 and less aftershocks. Overall, only two or three of these aftershocks were felt in Yerevan.”

On February 13, at 3.29 pm local time (11:29 GMT), the seismological network of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia registered 8 km south-east of Yerevan (about 2 km north of Nubarashen administrative district). ) 10 km depth of the epicenter, 4.7 magnitude earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 6-7.