The anti-Soviet popular movement, the February Uprising, began in Armenia on February 18,1921, but in reality it was a national liberation uprising against the colonial Red Russian Empire. Starting in Bash-Garni, Talin and Vayots Dzor, the uprising will soon spread to other regions of Armenia.

The Military Revolutionary Committee of Armenia decides to retreat in the direction of Ghamarlu with 2 armored vehicles with the Soviet government and army detachments. On the eve of the retreat, on the night of the 17th, the Bolsheviks axed and executed about 40 prisoners in a Yerevan prison, including military figures Hamazasp and Makedon.

The rebel forces enter Yerevan, which first of all release the prisoners, including Hovhannes Kajaznuni, Hamo Ohanjanyan, Nikol Aghbalyan, Levon Shant. The Committee for the Salvation of the Homeland forms a new government (in the photo). It is headed by the last Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Simon Vratsyan.

The popular uprising was suppressed on April 2, 1921, when the Red Army detachments were returning to Armenia from Georgia.