The Aramyan school was founded on February 19, 1851, in the yard of the church in the Ghala district of Tavriz, on the initiative of Bishop Sahak Satunyan. Until 1875 it was called Nersisyan (in honor of Nerses Shnorhali), later was called Aramyan after the Iranian-Armenian philanthropist.

At first it was a boys’ school, in 1887 joined the girls’ school Annayan built with the help of the Tumanyants, and became bisexual and was called the Aramyan-Annayan National School. In 1852 the school had 60 students, the next year – 100. Later the number of students reached 240-260.

Armenian, Russian, French, Persian and other subjects were taught. The teaching was in Armenian. The first inspector of the school was Priest Father Hovsep. It operated until 1936.

Aramyan school has done a great job in the field of enlightenment of Persian-Armenians. The school has given about 1300 graduates since 1936. Raffi and Hrachya Acharyan taught in Aramyan school.