The Artsakh war of 2020 was a struggle to preserve the identity not only of the Armenians of Artsakh and Armenia, but also of our compatriots living in Western Armenia. In the days of the war, they waited no less eagerly for the news coming from the battlefield.

Armen Vardanyan, an Armenian resident of the Turkish city of Mush, living among Turks and Kurds, gave his children Armenian names: Hayk, Gevorg ․․․

Today Gevorg lives in the Republic of Armenia. He knows very well why he has that name.

“My father named me after the Armenian Fedayeen, Gevorg Chavush. “He loves Chavush very much. He always wanted me to be like him,” says Armen’s son Gevorg during our conversation.

I am getting in touch with Armen, who lives in Western Armenia. He speaks about his son living in Armenia with special enthusiasm․

“When my son was born, I had a dream of naming my son Gevorg Chavush. That’s what I called him, Gevorg. Now he lives in Armenia, he became an Armenian soldier, thank God. I brought him up because every Armenian wants his son to be a brave Armenian like Chavush. ”

Living in the territory ruled by Turkey, our compatriot from Mush preferred for his son to live in Armenia and become a soldier of the Armenian army. The wish came true. Gevorg not only served in the national army, but also managed to be in the hottest spots of the 2020 war.

“I was already in Martuni, Artsakh on the evening of October 26. There we were attacked by Enemy’s UAVs. The moral and psychological commander of our battalion saved us, but he died. “I was also injured, but I could live,” says Gevorg.

He says war has its rules. You do not think about your future plans in the hottest moments of the fight. Homeland and fellow servicemen are becoming more powerful. Father from Mush told Gevorg a lot about the history of the other part of the homeland, Western Armenia, how the Fedayeens fought against the enemy when there was no regular Armenian army. Today that army exists, and Gevorg is a part of the army.

“Our army has always been ready for war. “We are a war country,” said Gevorg. 

Armen also confesses how he felt during the war, when his son was at the forefront.

“He’s your child, your world, your everything. It is true that there were many Armenian children next to my son, but I was very worried during those 44 days. It can be said that I did not live in those days. “

Armen is happy that his son was able to maintain the awareness of owning the homeland even after going through the trials of the war. It is my upbringing ․He says with pride of Msheci. 

“I am very happy that my son participated in the defense of the homeland. “When you realize that so many people are coming at you, they want to destroy you, you have to fight, your son has to fight,” concludes the Armenian from Mush, whose son fought heroically against the enemy.

Considering the national state the highest value, Armen says that the service of an Armenian man in the Armenian army is necessary. If you do not serve in your army, you will have to serve for someone else’s army. It is Armen’s slogan.