11th form students will acquire a number of military science skills in the camp. The education expert spoke about the positive aspects and shortcomings of the presented project.

YEREVAN, February 21- Sputnik Armenia. The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia has developed a project, according to which 11th form students of schools  must now go to a military training camp within the framework of “Preliminary military training”. The draft was submitted for public discussion on the joint website for publishing draft legal acts, e-draft.am.

It suggests that students should spend 12 days in a military training camp, undergoing regular military training, learning firefighting and uniform regulations, as well as getting acquainted with first aid, communication and telecommunication skills.

The purpose of holding such camps, as stated in the justification of the project, is to develop an interest in the military profession and the ability to withstand emergencies and act effectively.

The staff of the camp consists of 56 staff members, including a doctor, a psychologist, a choreographer, a cook, an electrician and a police officer on duty.

Education expert Atom Mkhitaryan told Sputnik Armenia that the idea is worth praise, as it is easier for a person to assimilate knowledge and apply it, if the practical part is also provided. He thinks that this should apply not only to the IDP, but also to other subjects.

“We had such an experience during the Soviet years in higher educational institutions, where military chairs operated. I also attended meetings during my studies. “It was interesting that we received military ranks after properly participating in the military training camps,” Mkhitaryan said.

The best students of Armenian universities will receive scholarships from the Mayor of Moscow.

According to him, the above-mentioned initiative presented by the Ministry is very good as a possible idea. However, according to the education expert, the project does not contain anything beyond the idea, it is like a declaration of wishes.

Mkhitaryan says it is true, it is comendable that both boys and girls should participate in the camp, but 12 days is not enough to acquire skills. He suggests that the practical part of the IDP be done in military educational institutions. In this way, the connection between the society and the army will be strengthened, because, according to Mkhitaryan, the society has a degree of mistrust towards the army.

“Many simply do not imagine what the situation is in the army, what the atmosphere is like. Therefore, the bridge between the school and the army can be the fact that those camps are held in the military educational institution, “Mkhitaryan said, adding that in that case the planned expenses will be covered, as there will be no need to create a special camp.

The specialist mentioned that otherwise a large number of specialists will be required, the question arises whether they do not need to be trained, which also implies additional costs. Therefore, according to him, it would be more correct to have gatherings instead of a camp,  alternating from time to time for students to visit and prepare in real conditions.

Mkhitaryan assures that holding the camp presented by the ministry will be inefficient and costly.

It should be noted that the draft is put up for public discussion, it is open for opinions until February 25.

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