The meeting of the National Union of Yezidis took place in Yerevan on Februaճry 22, during which Khydr Hajoyan (Tamoyan) was elected the new chairman of the union by the majority of votes.

He is 31 years old, a lawyer, an archaeologist, married, and has a child. “Armenpress” was informed about this from the National Union of Yezidis.

According to the source, Khydr Hajoyan (Tamoyan) is the grandson of Aziz Tamoyan, the leader of the Yezidi National Union, who died on January 2 this year. Aziz Tamoyan was 83 years old, he has been leading the organization since 1988, for almost 33 years. A man who dedicated his whole life to preserving the identity of the Yezidi people.

According to the National Union of Yezidis, Khydr Hajoyan (Tamoyan) does not consider the election to be a personal choice, but the preservation and development of the rights, religion, language, national values, culture and education of the Yezidi people, as well as the guarntee of strengthening of centuries-old Armenian-Yezidi friendship.