Political scientist Sergey Kurghinyan referred to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement that Turkey does not want to create a Great Turan, Ankara is simply actively developing its relations with Turkish speaking countries.

According to Lavrov, the Turkish speaking countries that are part of the USSR and have now gained independence will not support all that.

Political scientist Sergey Kughinyan responded to Lavrov’s statement on “Россия 1” TV channel.

“Lavrov is a wonderful man and a diplomat. If Lavrov were the President of Turkey, I would believe all his words, but as far as I know, the President of Turkey has another last name and says completely different things. He says that the Turkish world should unite and when I am told I should not believe his words, I get a question, is he a chatty and an empty talker or not? “Erdogan is trying to create a Turan, in that case why are we building relations with him?”