The Azerbaijani authorities began the extermination of the Armenian population on February 27, 1988, in the town of Sumgait, not far from Baku, accompanied by robbing and destruction of Armenian property. Under the conditions of silence of the USSR leadership, many people were injured and killed during the three days of massacres, some were tortured to death, whose bodies were burnt.

The aim of this crime against the Armenian nation was to prevent the Artsakh movement by intimidating Armenians with the prospect of new bloody actions in order to prevent the spread of the Artsakh liberation struggle.

The aftermath of the three-day massacre was terrible. According to official data, 32 Armenians in Sumgait were killed after being tortured and beaten, while unofficial data informed about more than 1,000.

The Azerbaijani authorities have never condemned the Sumgait massacres or expressed regret over ethnic cleansing. On the contrary, Azerbaijan presents itself as a victim, presenting the struggle for the survival of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh as an “encroachment”, grossly distorting the facts, and the perpetrators of the genocide against the Armenians remain unpunished up to this day.