The Akhalkalaki Development Group (LAG) with the ”Establishment of youth educational and digital centers in Akhalkalaki” project, in the framework of the “Smart Villages” initiative, has established youth educational centers (SWUs) in the villages of Khavet and Gogashen, Akhalkalaki municipality of Javakhk, website reports.

The Akhalkalaki Development Group (LAG) has selected Khavet and Gogashen villages for the project as they are far from Akhalkalaki.

“As these villages are very far from Akhalkalaki, we decided to create facilities there so that young people, adults, teachers and farmers can conduct online trainings. We have acquired assets so that the youth center will operate fully, ”program manager Sergey Khachaturyan mentioned.

Innovative training centers have been established in schools of the villages. Each village received 4 computers, a TV, tables, chairs etc. The trainings were held in two languages: Armenian and Georgian. Lessons of Georgian and English were also held.