The founder of Armenian national historiography Vardges Surenyants was born in Akhaltsikhe, in 1860, in a family of a priest.. When in Moscow, Sureniants had an opportunity to study at the Armenian Lazarian School located in the city. In 1876, he furthered his education at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Sureniants went to Munich, Germany where he studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, receiving more education in painting.
Knowing ten languages, Surenyants studied the art and literature of different nations. After returning from Munich, Surenyants took part in a scientific expedition to Persia.

Surenyants lived, created and worked under a foreign sky but was connected with his native people with his soul and his whole essence.

In his paintings he showed the heroic past of the Armenian people, the present and the future, its revolt and hope, its suffering and faith, its immortality.

He painted canvases with Eastern themes under the impressions of his scientific expedition to Persia. It is difficult to find a field in fine arts Surenyants wasn’t involved in. He is not only a great painter, but also a talented book designer, a famous theatrical painter, a skilled art theorist, translator, architect, sculptor and public figure. He also painted landscapes and portraits. Surenyants is also the author of the frescoes of the Armenian Church in Yalta.

Vardges Surenyants died on April 6, 1921 in Yalta.