The Parliament of the Republic of Armenia is discussing the bill submitted by “My Step” MP Rustam Bakoyan, which proposes to celebrate the day of national minorities in Armenia. 

According to Rustam Bakoyan, changes were made during the discussion of the draft in the first to second readings.

“We changed the last Saturday of September to the first Sunday of October. “I also had discussions about this with the representatives of national minorities, we came to a common denominator that the first Sunday of October will be celebrated in Armenia as the day of national minorities,” Rustam Bakoyan said.

He mentioned that the reason for the changes of the day is that every 7 years the last Sunday of September will be September 27.

“While the citizens of Armenia, including the representatives of national minorities, will never be able to celebrate that day as a holiday until we have a corresponding victory,” Bakoyan mentioned.