The Mashtots Matenadaran was founded in Yerevan on March 3. The Mashtots Matenadaran, one of the richest centers in the world for the preservation of documents and manuscripts, was founded in Yerevan, on March 3, 1959. Here is one of the largest collections of manuscripts and medieval books in the world. About 23,000 manuscripts, charms, fragments and 300,000 archival documents are kept here.

It is the largest repository of Armenian manuscripts. It was established in 1921 on the basis of the Matenadaran of Etchmiadzin, established in the 5th century, and was the first scientific-research institution in Armenia. Formerly it was called the Cultural-Historical Institute.

Matenadaran was registered in the UNESCO 1997 World Heritage List. It is now considered one of the “most important places for the preservation and development of national memory.”