The President of VOMA(The art of staying alive) NGO, secret service agient Vova Vardanov gave an extensive interview to news website․

We present you a part from the interview,

“We often forget that we are not the owners of this small Armenia, we are the owners of a much bigger Armenia, now the Turk enjoys what is stolen from us, the theft and we foolishly reconcile with that thought.

… If we finally start developing a capable population in the territory of the Artsakh Autonomous Republic, an unseparated part of Armenia, if we develop such a population in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, start militarizing our society and state, there will be many helpers, as well as the Russian peacekeeper will fulfill his duties more eagerly. 

“Our Russian ally of the 102nd military base, will take its responsibilities more seriously.” Vova Vardanov

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