The “Surb Bach Artsakh” 2021 film is included in the “Forum” program of the Berlin International Film Festival, which received a negative response from Azerbaijani users on the Internet.

Azerbaijani users expressed angriness towards the title of the film, considering the script published on the Berlinale website biased.

The film is about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, based on interviews with residents of Artsakh filmed back in 2007, between two wars. Irene Anastas and Rene Gabri are the directors of the film.

The landscapes are harmonious with the voice that is out of the screen, reflecting the nature of war, identity and belonging in the film, divided into 13 acts, repeating the rhythm of Bach cantatas.

The description of the film on Berlinale caused a furious reaction among Turks and Azeris. they call it ”a propaganda film” with a ”one-sided story”. 

The festival has rejected requests of removing the film from the program. The film will be screened this summer, in Berlin after the virtual demonstration.