Serovbe Benkoyan was born in 1846 in Kartsakh village, Javakhk, in the family of Bencoyents Gaspar, emigrated from Basen during the Russian-Turkish War. His father died at an early age.

Times and conditions did not allow Serovbe to receive a systematic education. His love towards education, songs and music awakens in him from an early age. Gradually the desire and dream of becoming an ashugh turns stronger in him, and he starts composing songs. He soon learns to play saz and becomes acquainted with the nuances and peculiarities of the ashugh art.

The talented son of Armenian people made many trips to different cities, including Western Armenia during his creative life of forty years. He had good connections with famous people, which allowed him to take part in the liberation struggle of the Armenian people, he had friendly relations with members of the “Barenpakat” patriotic society established in Alexandropol.

Various collections of Jivani’s songs were published. Around 800 compositions of Jivani have passed to us. Authors such as Kara-Murza, Makar Ekmalyan, Komitas and others have written Jivani’s songs.