Snowdrops- ‘‘heralds of spring’’ are beginning to bloom as it gets warmer in Mush, Western Armenia. The blossoming snowdrops, which painted the Mush valley with white, are now in the centre of attention of locals and photographers.

120,000 people visited Pnarbash village of Kastamonu, Western Armenia last year. The latter has a population of 2,500 and is famous for its gorges, caves and waterfalls.

The Valla Canyon is located in Pnarbash, which is considered as “the second deepest gorge in the world”, the Horma Canyon with a wooden platform stretching 3km from one end to the other, the Elyja Waterfall, known as a natural wonder of the region and the Ylgarini Cave, which is the fourth largest cave in the world.

The area attracts many visitors with its beautiful nature despite the coronavirus epidemic.