Restoring the school building named after Garegin Nzhdeh in Aghavno village, Kashatagh has resumed, where a kindergarten is also under construction. The headmaster of the school Poghos Aghabekyan told in a conversation with Armenpress.

“Repairing of unfinished school building in Aghavno remained unfinished as a result of the war. It has been about a week since the repair works were resumed with the support of Armenian benefactors. A kindergarten for 30 children will also be built in the school building besides the bathrooms and other classrooms. The population is still coming back. We now have 17 pre-schoolers in the village and 34 students in the school. The mayor of the village, Andranik Chavushyan personally brings 11 students from Berdzor to our school every day. 90% of our teachers have also returned,” Poghosyan said.

Touching upon the security issue, the headmaster of Aghavno first of all mentioned that the village will remain Armenian only by being improved. They continue to solve the security problem with the help of self-organization.