The Chinar district of Tigranakert, Western Armenia’s, located in the centre of the so-called ‘‘golden triangle’’ of the tourist route of Mesopotamia, attracts attention for its cultural and natural treasures.

The 3000-year-old Zerzeva fortress, which was used as a ‘‘military settlement’’ in Roman times, is home to the Mitra underground temple and hundreds of volcanic caves and ‘‘The Lava Way’’ formed by the Karajadagh volcano in 1957. Surrounded by dozens of large and small waterfalls. and forests, Chinar is one of the most important historical and tourist sites.

Rich in churches, refuges and rock-cut altars, having a history of nearly 3000 years, this unique area gained its true value with the discovery of the Temple of Mithra. It is included in the  UNESCO World Heritage List. About 69,000 foreigners and 350,000 local tourists visited the place in 2019.