The festival of The Armenian Gatha was organised in the middle day of the Great Lent in Ninotsminda and Akhalkalaki churches.

The worshippers celebrated ‘‘Mijink’’- the middle of Lent in the Surb Khach church. The celebration included singing to God, praying and lighting candles. There was a table with Lenten dishes.

Then Father Narek Tigranian, pastor of Surb Khach church in Akhalkalaki, spoke about the Lent and Mijink and blessed those present and food, as well as handed souvenirs and certificates to the women who cooked gatha.

The name ‘mijink’ is given to the middle day of Lent, which has no festive significance. It is exactly halfway through the forty-nine days of Lent, Wednesday. 

According to tradition in Javakhk, a round hash is baked in the family with an engaged person put beads or money in it and sent it to the bride or groom. The gatha is cut into equal pieces for all the family members. Whoever gets the beads or money will have success that year.