The government of The Republic of Western Armenia held an awarding ceremony on 13.03.2021 with the participation of the military who had a contribution to the Artsakh war.

RWA Prime Minister Seda Melikyan made an opening speech, recalling the heroism and dedication of the lads who fought valiantly during the Artsakh war.

Afterwards, Varazdat Varazdatyan, Vachagan Petrosyan, Norik Adloyan, Albert Azaryan, Vanik Petrosyan, Vardges Hakobyan, Karen Grigoryan, Gagik Davtyan, Vurg Badoyan, Hrachyan Manukyan, Mher Petrosyan and Davit Khocharyan were awarded with the “Armenian Legion coat of arms”, by the order number 17 of RWA President.

At the end of the event, the RWA Prime Minister presented President Abrahamyan’s congratulation speech on the occasion of the award, wishing them good luck in their service. Concluding her speech, Melikyan mentioned the importance of their patriotic deed for all of us.