Soghomon Tehleryan is a witness of the Armenian national liberation movement, a national hero who carried out the execution of Talaat, one of the main organizers of the genocide against Armenians.

Soghomon Tehliryan was born in 1896 in Bagarich, Western Armenia, where he received his primary education. He continued his education at the Central College of Yerznka, graduating in 1912 and moving to Serbia in 1913.

As soon as the First World War started, he left for Armenia, where he participated in the volunteer movement in Andranik Regiment. In 1915 Tehleryan survived the genocide, which had a huge impact on his life.

In 1921, Tehleryan took part in the Nemesis Operation, receiving the task of killing Talaat Pasha. On March 15 of the same year, Soghomon Tehleryan shot Talaat on Hardenberg Street in Charlottenburg, Berlin and was arrested.

However, the German court found Soghomon Tehleryan innocent on June 2, 1921.

Tehleryan lived for many years in Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia. After 1945 he settled in Fresno, USA, where he died on May 23, 1960.

A monument was erected in Fresno in memory of Tehleryan in the village of Mastara, Talin and in  Yerevan.