Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan has published an ad hoc public report, stating that the Azerbaijani authorities have carried out crimes against humanity with the armed attacks against Artsakh and Armenia during COVID-19, the Ombudsman’s Office told Armenpress.

The report discusses the “issue of launching a wide-scale aggressive war against Artsakh and Armenia by Azerbaijan during the COVID-19 pandemic, in opposition to a call for global ceasefire by the UN Secretary-General and the demand of the UN Security Council for a general and immediate cessation of hostilities in all situations. It discusses the Azerbaijani state policy to make a human-made disaster during the pandemic to accelerate the rapid spread of the deadly virus, to achieve the eventual collapse of the healthcare system, causing increased deaths, other serious injuries and great sufferings to the population”.

The report will be submitted to the respective international organizations and the state authorities of Armenia”, the statement says.

The report is available at the following link.