In 2016, the “Turning the historical Dvin capital into a museum and improving the adjacent areas” programme was launched with the financial support of the Armenian Development Fund. The scientific-design documents for the improvement of the capital city of Dvin and the restoration of a number of church buildings have been submitted for approval to the RA Ministry of Culture and are being approved by the authorized body. RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports informed via “Armenpress“.

Nikoghayos Mar conducted the first excavations in Dvin in 1899, later they became regular. Dr. Philosophy Professor Petrosyan has led the excavation expedition of the capital city of Dvin district since 2019 and N. Hakobyan, F. Babayan, A. Jamkochyan, G. Kocharyan , K. Ghafadaryan (architect) and A. Martirosyan were the members.