In an interview with Aravot Daily, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh, Davit Babayan, prioritized the protection of Artsakh’s sovereignty, noting that it should be strengthened even more. 

Aravot Daily made the observation that Baku’s appetite has increased so much that the President of Azerbaijan, for example, has repeatedly made territorial claims to Armenia, showing his ambitions for Syunik and using the ‘‘Zangezur Corridor’’ phrase. Moreover, he is inviting other countries to make use of different projects; that is, they consider the Artsakh topic to be closed already, and now they have moved on to Syunik. Azerbaijan pursues a clear policy, and there have been no countermeasures from our side. Babayan noted.

“Of course, it is pursuing such policies. But that doesn’t mean that they will give up or that we will give up our sovereignty. The smallest details can make a big difference here. For example, I ask a simple question to a half-insane woman who says, ‘‘Shushi was theirs’’. Ok, we understand that she was a private citizen, ‘‘she didn’t understand,’’ ‘‘she was uneducated,’’ etc., but it’s incomprehensible why someone born in Artsakh receives an Armenian passport that lists ‘‘Stepanakert, Azerbaijan’’ as their birthplace. 

Are we Azerbaijan? There are even people who received passports like that after the 44-Day War, and their passports also said ‘‘Stepanakert, Azerbaijan.’’ What is this? Do we need to unite or not? Does Aliyev write ‘‘Yerevan, Armenia’’ in the passports of people born in Armenia? Write USSR, why are you writing Azerbaijan?”