Carpets and rugs were considered to be the most important necessities for the daily life of the Armenians from ancient times. The Megerians have been restoring old carpets and producing new ones for more than four generations. About thirty years ago, the Megerian family started reproducing carpets based on the principles of preserving the appearance of carpets and the ancient style. Over time, they developed the old Armenian technology of obtaining colouring materials for the reproduction of carpets, creating the “principle of antiquity in the production of handmade carpets.” Thus, the production of traditional Armenian handmade carpets took a new breath. The Megerians opened carpet weaving branches in 22 settlements of Armenia.

The Production and Sales Director of Megerian Carpet Company, Leonid Andreasyan introduced the carpets of the Megerian Museum, their history, age, the significance of the ornaments, etc. The full interview-report is available on our YouTube channel.