Demonstrating flagrant disrespect for the ongoing efforts to find a long-term solution to the conflict between Azerbaijan and Artsakh, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev visited the occupied Hadrut region of Artsakh, Artsakh MFA noted.

“While in the occupied territories, President Aliyev, among other things, personally instructed the officials accompanying him to erase medieval Armenian inscriptions from the walls of churches and monuments in the occupied territories.

Such official visits are yet another embodiment of Azerbaijan’s hateful and militaristic policy and its further aggressive plans,” the statement noted.

Artsakh has already informed the international community about the cultural terrorism carried out by Azerbaijan at the state level, its actions to destroy the Armenian cultural heritage in the territories under its military occupation, and the gross promotion of a genocidal expansionist policy.

“This genocidal policy is a crime against humanity, a gross violation of international norms, conventions, resolutions, agreements and poses a threat to the entire civilized world.

We call on the relevant international organizations to take all necessary measures to prevent the destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage, condemnation of the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan. Inaction and indifference are fraught with unpredictable consequences.”