The Armenian New Year and Easter were celebrated on March 21, the day of the spring equinox in Yerevan.

In ancient times, Armenians celebrated the New Year on March 21, the day of the spring equinox, which is not an accident. Nature resurrects at the beginning of spring, that is why Armenians turned that day into New Year and joyfully celebrate it. This glorified the awakening of nature.

On that day, the Armenian people celebrate the birth of Vahagn, which was considered the main holiday of the ancient Armenians, and fire was the symbol of the day.

Even today, there are many customs that are preserved mainly in the villages, among the next generations bearing Western Armenian culture.

RWA President Armenak Abrahamyan noted in his congratulatory speech that he mostly emphasizes the changes that Armenians should make for the benefit of their country, starting the new year with a change of mentality towards the world, because the expectations of having a stronger future depend on it. We should think about improving the homeland, because losing it, we lose a part of ourselves. The preservation of traditions presupposes the preservation of identity, which helps us to build a stronger future.