The fourth volume entitled “Ethnography” of “The Ethnography of Artsakh” series was published by the decision of the Academic Council of Artsakh State University. The editor is Armen Sargsyan, PhD, Associate Professor, NKR Honored Scientist.

The studies on the ethnography of Artsakh in the post-Soviet period are included in the volume.

The “Ethnography of Artsakh” series includes the three main researches related to the ethnography, folklore and dialect of Artsakh in three spheres of ethnography of Artsakh: collections, travel notes, memoirs, other materials, written and published by various Armenian ethnographers, philologists, scholars, public and ecclesiastical figures, travellers, writers, teachers and inspectors of educational institutions in Shushi and some villages from the middle of the 19th century to the present day.

The introduction to the first volume of each field contains its study history, and the concluding volume contains a complete bibliography list with brief descriptions.