“Yesterday, a video made by BBC correspondent Jonah Fisher received a wide response, where the latter investigates the disappearance of an Armenian church in the occupied territory of Artsakh as a result of the Second Artsakh War, or rather its complete destruction. This refers to the St Astvatsatsin Church consecrated in Mekhakavan in 2017. The destruction of the spiritual-cultural and historical-cultural monuments of Artsakh and other manifestations of vandalism have been registered since the days of the war, and they were treated with greater vigor and brutality after coming under the control of Azerbaijan.

It was clear from the very start what fate awaited everything that would appear to be under the control of the enemy. It would be naive to wait for something else. It has been like this for centuries that the Turks set foot in the Armenian Highlands, bringing all kinds of destruction with them. The whole so-called international community continues to remain in the role of an observer, and at best, a recorder or just a responder. That’s all. We record and move “forward”. There is no accountibility for crimes against humanity. “

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