Hovhannes Galpagyan’s work “The Romanian-Armenian Colony”(«Ռումինահայ Գաղութը») was published with the blessing of the Primate of Gugarats Diocese Bishop Father Hovnan Hakobyan and Father Bishop Hetum Tarverdyan, . The book is dedicated to the history of the oldest Armenian community in Eastern Europe, Romania. Priest Hetum Tarverdyan informed “Armenpress”.

He reminded that the Armenian community of Romania descends from the generations of Armenians who migrated from Ani, and settled in the Moldovan lands after wandering for a long time and an episcopal see was established in the city of Suchava in 1401, which nowadays is considered to be the most ancient diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is noteworthy that the first stone-built Armenian church in Eastern Europe named after the Mother of God was built in 1350 in Botoshan, Romania. The 800-year-old community has certainly left a great legacy. This legacy is not only the pride of the Romanian-Armenian community, but also pride of all Armenians.