Yerevan State Chamber Musical Theater presented the premiere of “Angel of Salvation” performance on March 24 and 25, on the eve of the 106th anniversary of the Genocide against Armenians, “Aravot” daily reports . The script is based on German historian Hilmar Kaiser’s documentary book ‘‘At the Crossroads of Der Zor’’.

In 1915, trains leaving Garlick and Aleppo stations carried Armenians to their deaths, to the Der Zor desert. However, many children survived these journeys thanks to the spiritual pastor of the Evangelical Church, Hovhannes Eskijyan.

Eskijyan visited the stations every week checking what time the commercial train was arriving. Getting an agreement with the Turkish military, the noble man paid a gold for each child, thereby saving them. Eskijyan secretly saved the children, but there were traitors in Aleppo, and they betrayed the great Armenian. In 1916 the police planned to arrest him. But he died on the eve, on March 25 of typhus fever, getting infection from a child he had rescued.

Nune Abrahamyan is the author and director of the script .

Smbat Stepanyan plays the role of the main character, Anahit Kirakosyan plays his wife Guleniya – Ara Gevorgyan plays The Turkish pasha, while Laura Babayan plays the role of the missionary of the orphanage. Along with the cast of the theatre, the play includes students of the ‘Hayasa’ theatre group.

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