Dear compatriots, a memorial evening dedicated to Samvel Karapetyan took place on March 27, in the hall of the Union of Architects of Armenia.

Samvel Karapetyan’s colleagues, employees of the Foundation for the Research on Armenian Architecture, had organized the memorial evening.

Representatives of different generations and professions gathered to pay tribute to the beloved intellectual and to his memory.

The event started with the screening of a film shot by the RAA Foundation.

The film presented shots of his life and work.

The participants paid a tribute in memory of the heroes of the 44-day Artsakh war and Samvel Karapetyan with a moment of silence.

The writer and publicist Arthur Andranikyan led the event.

RA Honored Architect Mkrtich Minasyan, RA Honored Architect Narek Sargsyan, geographer and cartographer Ruben Galchyan, founder and art director of “Karin” traditional song and dance group Gagik Ginosyan shared their memories about Samvel Karapetyan. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Head of the US Branch, Zhora Manucharyan, delivered a video message.

The organizers gifted a two-volume work dedicated to the 80th birthday of Samvel Karapetyan’s father, Gevorg Karapetyan, published by the Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation, as well as a regular issue of the “Vardzk” magazine of same organization to all the participants who gave a speech.

It should be noted that in addition to speeches, Samvel Karapetyan’s works were also presented here.

At the end, the widow of historian Samvel Karapetyan, Emma Abrahamyan made a speech, mentioning that the beloved intellectual has not been with us for a year and a month, but everyone continues to work in the same spirit, keeping his memory alive and continuing the work he left unfinished.

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