The Hromkla Castle of Ayntap, Western Armenia is in the point where Euphrates and Parzman (Merzime) rivers meet each other, is situated in a hill surrounded with high rocks. Significant monuments such as historical Barshamva Cathedral, Dink Dam and St. Nerses Church are located there. The latters turn this place into a tourism attraction centre in terms of nature, history and spiritual tourism.  

Hromkla, that has hosted many civilizations throughout history, according to the tradition is the place, where the copies of the Bible were made, and the architectural heritage has a late romanian and medieval character.

The Historical Hromkla is situated inside the natural wonder, surrounded with green lake from three sides, and rocky hills. Hromkla has remains of the big civilizations of Ararat, Babylon and Shumer. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has included the latter in the list of 13 greatest castles.

St. Nerses Church, Barshavma Monastery, ruins of many buildings, reservoirs, wells and trenches are among the structures visible in the Castle.