Excavations are planned for September at the Metsamor archaeological site  The Protection Service of Historical-Cultural Reserve-Museums and Historical Environment, a governmental agency which has initiated the excavations, plans to cooperate with specialists from Poland.

Professor Ashot Piliposyan, a senior scientist of the agency and the co-leader of the Armenian-Polish team of the site, told Armenpress that according to preliminary arrangements the experts from Poland will visit Armenia in May to make preparations. “If the situation were to get more complicated due to the pandemic and our partners aren’t able to come, we will anyway start the work only with Armenian experts,” he said. 

All findings from the site are being restored and then put on display at the eponymous Metsamor Historical-Archaeological Reserve-Museum. Piliposyan said that in the first three months of 2021 alone the museum had as many visitors as in 2020 altogether. The visitors were mostly Russian tourists, he said.

Metsamor ancient fortress-settlement is one of the unique monuments of world culture. It is situated 35 km south-west from Yerevan, not far from Taronik village, on the bank of Metsamor river.