WESTERN ARMENIA –  The Armenian troops launched the operation to liberate Karvachar on March 27, 1993.  Freedom fighters Armenak Abrahamyan, Hovsep Hovsepyan, Volodia Avetisyan, Sargis Karapetyan, Misha Tadevosyan, Joseph Nersesyan, Vigen Abrahamyan liberated  Karvachar on the 1st of April. On April 2nd, Armenian forces moved forward, and three days later were positioned at the Omar Mountain pass.

The operations in Karvachar started on the night of March 31, at around 12 am. On April 1, the Armenian troops were already in the center of Karvachar. They occupied two positions․ The first at 7am in the morning, and the second at around 10.30 am.

The liberation of Karvachar was very important for the security of the northern and north-eastern borders of Armenia and Artsakh. Karvachar was an important strategic point for the Armenian side, as a result of the liberation of which a stable connection was established between Armenia and NKR, the front line was significantly reduced, securing the rear of the Martakert region.

The Turkish-Azerbaijani forces have occupied this part of Western Armenia since November 9, 2020.

“Karvachar – Our Debt of Honor” by Levon Minasyan was published in 2013.