About 40 buildings in Stepanakert were completely destroyed as a result of the war. The latters are in need of capital reconstruction. The first deputy mayor of Stepanakert Samvel Ghulyan informed via “Armenpress“.

“Currently, renovation works are underway in various facilities in Stepanakert. In particular, the building of the school number 10 of shelled Stepanakert is being renovated. Replacement of damaged doors, windows and roofs is underway,” – Ghulyan mentioned. According to the deputy mayor, the construction of a new section of the fraternal cemetery of the city memorial is the biggest and most responsible project.

Touching upon the problem of lack of Stepanakert housing fund, the deputy mayor mentioned that the housing problem was significant even before the war.

At the moment, measurement and design works are underway for the construction of apartment buildings in 2 suburban districts of Stepanakert. Thus, it will ensure the balanced development of the capital, the issue of providing infrastructure.

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